Louis reviews the new CD

I listened to “The Smiling Iguanas” yesterday and was oh, so impressed. The cover art is superb, so well done. And you guys are a riot and also the songs have deep social content. I loved all the pieces, but my favorite was “Little Screams of Delight.” It’s the best song I have ever, ever, ever hear and from now on, my favorite of all times. I knew you were a good poet, composer, and lyricist, but didn’t know you were THAT good!

Podcast Number 4

BunnyPodcast number 4 is here! The Smilin’ Iguanas play four original tunes: Lulu by Doug, Lookin’ Up by Gary, Screw Drivin Man by Paul, and Madame X by Doug.  Plus, a visit from Dr. K!


Podcast Number 3

  Here are four more original tunes from the Smilin’ Iguanas: Mystification Blues, Headphones, When You’re Poor, and Can’t Do Nothin. The Iguanas get electrified, and we have a couple of visitors with something to say….

Podcast Number 2

Our second podcast from the Barn: The Depression Session. Hear the Smilin Iguanas do three original tunes in another live session: “Tough Times” by Gary, “Armageddon” by Paul, and “Frank” by Doug.

The Smilin' Iguanas

The Smilin' Iguanas


Podcast number 1

The Smilin' Iguanas

The Smilin' Iguanas

Our first live music podcast from the barn. The Smilin Iguanas perform six original tunes.